Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Love Mom Bracelets

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The silver bracelet should not be too short or too wide, and therefore you should know your size, after all, the good piece should neither press nor slip over the wrist. How to find out the exact length? Measuring by you is easy. Simply place a tape measure where you want to wear the bracelet approximately. Now measure the circumference and put another finger in between so that the bracelet is not too tight. Since most bracelet lengths are given in centimeters, you now only need to compare and find the right size easily.

Mix and match for silver bracelets

Accessories: No matter whether it’s the bag, the big XL scarf, the sunglasses or the tied braided belt silver bracelets are real styling all-rounder. Therefore, they can be easily mixed with other pieces of jewelry in different colors, but also with towels, leather accessories or hats. Be brave and try it out.

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Jewelry: Sometimes it is not so easy to combine pieces of jewelry, but silver bracelets make it easy for us. Especially filigree models can be worn well with wide bangles or ladies’ watches. But also with other bracelets results in an exciting look. However, you should pay attention to the ornaments gold and silver can be combined great, but too many stones and pendants in different tones are taboo. Stay in a world of color and style. The navy look, for example, can be supplemented small anchor with a blue and white striped bangle and a fine cord around the wrist. While not original, jewelry is a gift that is sure to be cherished by her for a long time. The man can give his female fiance earrings or a necklace or even a bracelet  are a very good gift for special occasions like birthdays and valentines day. Chains, earrings, and rings should also be chosen in the same style. Otherwise, the style seems too messy.

Clothing: Fine outfits are created when you wear a cocktail dress in intense colors or a shift dress in restrained black. Her bracelet with subtle stones makes for chic. At work, a variant with a small charm looks serious and fine to the business costume and at leisure. Here more unusual styles are allowed. Everything that pleases can be carried. So make a statement with a gold-plated link bracelet with a large closure, a loose cotton shirt, a leather jacket, and casual boyfriend jeans. Get the most out of it and combine your bracelet with style and creativity.

These features make silver special

Much jewelry is made of silver. It is relatively cheap, looks classy and can be easily processed. However, since pure silver is too soft, it is often mixed with copper when making jewelry. This makes it less sensitive and more robust. The most common variant is sterling silver takes its name from the British currency, which is also called 925 silver. Here are 925 of 1,000 parts silver. Also, the alloys 800, 835 and 935 are offered. So that the surface does not start so fast, most of the pieces are coated with silver again. If this happens, forms dark silver sulfide, which is quite harmless and easy to remove again. To do this, polish the piece of jewelry with a silver cleaning cloth or dip in a silver bath.

Tip: If you want to save polishing, wrap your bracelet for storage in aluminum foil. So it is airtight packed and does not start.

Trendy styles – new trends

Silver bracelets are versatile. There is a suitable model for everyone because the trends also offer a lot of variety. Right at the top are variants with bright pearls. Either as a detail or allover, the delicate pieces of jewelry offer elegance for every day. The shimmering pearls make the shimmering chiffon dress with ballerinas look even classier and lend a dark blue blazer, white collarless blouse with concealed button placket and narrow cigarette pants the finishing touches. For the drink in the evening or the office meeting, these pieces are therefore ideal. But also charm bracelets are up to date in the next season. The many pendants provide for casualness. So they fit wonderfully to the comfortable everyday outfit of light blue jeans with cream fine-knit sweater and white sneakers. If you like it tender and special, you can rely on versions with fine details such as hearts, name tags or pebbles.

Bracelet – many possibilities

A bracelet brings femininity, looks classy and makes the outfit look more complete than ever. And just a piece of silver is indispensable for many women. Below is an overview of all the facts about silver bracelets.

Its beautiful luster, the different styles, and the relatively low price make this accessory a favorite among jewels. Made of delicate limbs and decorated with fine pendants, stones or pearls, it fits in with elegant styles.

But also casual outfits complement it quite uncomplicated. Wide models with large closure or multi-row pieces look cooler. And so everyone will find the right thing because the selection is huge.

Refined with pearls or pebbles, silver bracelets are currently the most fashionable. 925 or sterling silver is the most common alloy, so mixture, made of silver. Polished with a silver cleaning cloth, the surface then shines again.

Variants with stones

If you like it very petite, you can count on monochrome and small stones, because they make the wrist shine. Transparent crystals and gemstones are the restrained variants, while bright and intense tones bring summer luminosity. Wonderfully, these versions can be worn with matching color outfits. A pink bracelet looks wonderfully fresh to a slightly flowing tunic of the same shade, while clear stones can be styled to all tones.


These pieces present themselves particularly delicate and with filigree elegance. Most bright pearls shimmer discreetly and are often additionally provided with small silver elements. Single or multi-row, they look that extra something, so let a casual sweatshirt looks fine and gives cocktail dresses, even more, grace and grace.

Models with pendants or charms

With their adornment, they bring personality into the look, the more decors, and the more fashionable they look. But even with just one charm set accents. And best of all, you can always pick new followers and change them to your heart’s content. Now Love Bracelet is also popular along with silver ones.

Tip: So that the highlights of the bracelets are not covered by long sleeves, fine knit sweaters with half sleeves or carded blouses fit well.

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