February 5, 2019


“This website is sooo GREAT!! The blogs are fantastic and it was such a great knowledge on how to effectively clean parts of the house.  You did such a great job. I wish good luck for this site’s future!  I would 100% recommend this to other moms in my neighborhood. ”



“I looked forward to their new posts every week. I enjoyed reading articles particularly on cleaning hacks. Before I came across this, I didn’t know the proper ways in cleaning various parts of the house. This has made my maternity leave even more enjoyable (and bearable). I learned quite a bit in many of the sessions organized by this site. Thanks for starting this blog!”

-Kiera W.


I wanted to say again how utterly impressed I am with your success and progress with this site.  Everything you do is so well put together, so professional.  Obviously, the community needs exactly what you are offering because germs are everywhere! We need total protection inside our house.

-Belle H.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me with my cleaning problems in my own home! Not totally an OC person but I really think that cleaning seriously and making it perfect is needed for a healthy home.



You did a great job with the articles of this site! In one of your online sessions, I was able to learn a lot! I hope this site gets a lot of reach soon so that many households get the proper help with regard to cleaning.

-Liz W.