June 24, 2020


Maintaining a clutter-free when you have kids who enjoy roaming around and taking out their toys from their cabinet is a real challenge. It is exhausting and a never-ending task.

Tessa Simmons of Trendy and Tidy aims to give you a well-deserved break by helping you become smarter in organizing your home, and maximize every space in your house. The content that we publish are guaranteed relatable and effective, since they are created by moms.

We publish weekly digests that include home hacks, cleaning, and de-cluttering tips. Since we collaborate with our mommy readers, you can expect more articles that will add value to your daily motherhood tasks.

As we grow bigger, we also have accept sponsorship. This allows us to provide our readers more perks in exchange for sponsored articles featuring products and recommendations. We assure you that such contents are still aligned with our goal to help moms.